Why beyond COVID

We believe that there should be a way for everyone to choose to do the activities that they need/want to do in ways that promote wellbeing. We envision a world with increased accessibility, inclusion, and occupational justice - where everyone can participate and belong.

At the start and multiple times during the pandemic, lots of people have been physically isolating themselves to protect themselves and the people in their communities aka. The World. Many of my friends and members of my communities have expressed feelings of depression, emotional distress and anxiety and I’m sure we’re not alone in this experience.

We believe that in times in crisis, it's important to use the tools in our toolkits to support each other and promote mental wellbeing. In occupational therapy, we learn how to build upon strengths and discover possibilities in partnerships with people so that people can get back to doing what is important to them. Sometimes the possibilities are adapting for the future and sometimes it's learning to live with uncertainty. With compassion and our holistic approach to health and wellbeing, we want to use our skills to support our world in living well during and beyond COVID.

As a team, we care about what needs to happen so that people can choose to do, belong, become, and be in their lives. We want to collaborate in advocacy towards occupational justice because there are lots of things that could change to improve people's experiences in our world beyond COVID.

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Our Values


We believe taking care of our wellbeing is fundamental to living well. We’re passionate about promoting health and wellbeing through occupational balance, self-care, choice, compassion, presence, and creating spaces for self-reflection.

Occupational Justice

We’re focused on promoting and advocating for all people to engage in meaningful occupations.
Occupational justice is the “right of every individual to be able to meet basic needs and to have equal opportunities and life chances to reach toward [their] potential, but specific to the individual’s engagement in diverse and meaningful occupation.” (Wilcock & Townsend, 2009, p. 193). Occupational justice acknowledges that people experience different privileges and oppressions in participation based on stigma and social forces like racism, ableism, stigma around substance use and mental health, poverty, ageism, stigma around education-level, gender identity, and sexual identity. 


We love learning and sharing knowledge. And we love learning about ways we can do this better. We recognise that we have blindspots in our experiences with the world and we welcome feedback so we can work together to make the world a better place beyond COVID.


We’re committed to fostering a supportive, open online community through Beyond COVID. We value meaningful connections where we share ideas for building a better world together. We recognise that there are social forces that impact participation, belonging, health and wellbeing. We believe in connecting with our common humanity and hope for a world where everyone can access communities and spaces in which they belong.


We’re passionate about working with integrity, honesty, authenticity, respect, and open minds. Our content aims to be faithful to facts and reality. We invite people to contribute ideas to our blog and join us as podcast guests to share your knowledge with the world.

Our Mission

Beyond COVID provides a platform to encourage and promote wellbeing and participation in meaningful activities during and beyond COVID-19.  We strive for occupational justice and look for possibilities to improve access to choices for doing, being, becoming, and belonging

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What we Do

The Do What You Love Podcast
Join Emily and Anna as we chat with people about doing what they love, and explore how occupational therapy and science concepts and be applied every day. We also look at issues that affect what people do disproportionately and think about ideas for change.

The Do What You Love blog
Here you will find stories, reflections, ideas, knowledge sharing, and evidence-based general education about ways that we can adapt to our daily activities, practice compassion, have hope and be with ourselves when it's hard and we're heading into the unknown, and discuss current issues and the actions we can take to grow occupational justice so more people can choose to do what we love beyond COVID. 

Messages for Hope & Compassion
Here you'll find images and quotes to share hope & compassion & support

The Doing Library 
A one-stop shop of online activity & wellbeing resources collected from across the internet. From resources for health professionals and parents, to activity-focused library categories, find tools for doing here.

Weekly Wellbeing Missions
Each week we set a weekly wellbeing mission on social media to inspire people to act towards their wellbeing.

Social Media - @beyondCOVID
Follow us on Twitter, InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the latest beyondCOVID happenings

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Do you share our vision for promoting wellbeing, social justice, community, learning, and occupational justice during and beyond COVID? Start you application today at 'Join The Team' or email emily@beyondcovid-19.com to learn more. Everyone welcome!

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