Images and words for hope

"We can't Go under it. We can't go over it. Oh No! We've got to go through it."
- Michael Rosen, We're Going on a bear hunt

As the COVID Pandemic has hit the world, many of us are feeling lost, stressed out, and overwhelmed. As this website grows, this space will have quotes, images, and stories to share hope, joy, courage, and support during these hard times. We're all in this together, and we've got this. When they're uploaded, image sources can be found in a list below the gallery.

A Bridge

There are roads we do not know

There are knives we can’t unsee

And yet

In the cool breath of morning

We awaken

Rain patters, drumming on panes

A glint of sunshine blinks

Across the table

Here we are together

Figuring out a next step

What could it be?

Neither of us truly knows

So we open our hearts and minds,

Explore, share, and see

I have logs, you have a rope and nails

We build a bridge

And there it is – as it was all along

Our road of possibilities

- a. braunizer