Gardening for Groundedness

arch of seeds (wildflowers, basil, carrots, beets, onions, melons, cucumbers, and sweet peas) in front of a monthly calendar, with march in dark green, April in light blue, May in pink, June in light green, July in red, and August in orange.

The wind in the trees, cherry blossoms falling like snow, and the smell of purple hyacinths: the senses I experience in my garden while I dig my hands deep into the soil. What a gift this is! I have spent time this week focusing on what I can do, and taking time both to be purposeful, but also to rest. For me, one of the best activities to do right now is working in my garden. 

Clearing away the weeds, adding beautiful fresh soil, and planning for the things that I will plant in coming weeks are steps that bring great satisfaction and happiness for me. In a strange way, this work provides rest, and leaves me feeling refreshed. I am giving myself the excitement of watching seeds sprout and grow. I look forward to the late summer and early fall days when I can pull healthy roots, fruits, and vegetables from my garden to put on my table, and to share. 

My garden has been a great way to connect with others. Sharing my planning and photos of my progress on social media, or giving a friend a garden tour as we video chat on our devices both inspires me to do and share more, and I hope inspires others to do the same. This year, I happen to have a garden bed, but other years, I did similar growing but in the planters on my deck.  

Basil in a pot on a windowsill, potatoes in a planter box or barrel, and pretty pansies peeking out of a pot! All that is needed is a container, some soil, seeds, water, a can-do attitude, and some hands that are willing to get a little dirty. This is something that everyone can do!

Author: Rebecca Rashleigh 

On Twitter: @MsRashbones


I am a teacher and farmer’s daughter on the Saanich Peninsula. I enjoy gardening, baking, creating art, making music with my flute, and investing time in people: both big and small. I live by faith and am happiest when doing something for others. 

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