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BC Government announces $5M for virtual mental health services
Live updates for British Columbians from Dr. Bonnie Henry - Daily at 3 PM PST (if you're not from BC and want to learn about Coronavirus updates in a compassionate way, check it out)
The Ballad of Bonnie Henry
Bonnie Henry in her own words
This Little Girl wrote to Bonnie Henry and Got an Answer Back
Disabled People taking Coronavirus into their own hands
Camosun college building face shields for health care workers
The New Yorker: How Christian Siriano turned his fashion house into a mask factory
Some Good News with John Krasinski
Coronavirus good news: we have many blessings to count
Good News - Fox News
Bono helps Ireland's search for Coronavirus Medical Supplies
A special 'Sesame Street,' a solo performance by Andrea Bocelli, and other flashes of good news amid the pandemic
#YearoftheNeighbor2020 : OT professor at University of Arkansas began the semester with a project and her students have taken it into their own neighborhoods while social distancing
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