How I’m staying connected during lockdown

My name is Georgia, an Occupational Therapy Student from the UK. I have cerebral palsy and frequently blog about having Not So Terrible Palsy and life as a disabled occupational therapy student. A fun fact about me is that I have a great sense of humour (quote from my parents). 

My family and I are very close and during lockdown, it’s hard knowing that we can’t just pop round to see other members of the family. I have used online platforms for many years to connect with other disabled individuals up and down the country, but now I am using them to stay connected with close friends and family. I have been using my personal Facebook more than ever and have been posting a lot more regularly to stay connected with others. I have been starting a simple thread for others to share what meaningful occupations they have been engaged with. It’s a great way to stay connected with others; not to mention picking up another useful occupation along the way. 

As mentioned, my family and I are feeling it just like everyone else during this time. But we have been using a lot of video calling software and have been having regular check-ins to virtually be there for one another during this time. Sometimes the call is long but sometimes it’s just a 5-minute check-in. It does not have to be all day, just 5-minutes seeing a familiar face puts a smile on my face and reminds me of what is important. My family and I have also been doing a virtual pub quiz every week which has been a great way to keep in contact. It also gets our brains working too! I still think we need to plan one about family facts, but then again if someone does not remember a particular event it may cause an argument! 

Speaking of arguments, it can also be hard to stay connected with people in the same household as it doesn’t take long before you start annoying one another. My family and I are aware of this, and every time tension rises, we have been giving one another a look to say “it is not worth it” – because it really isn’t! We are a relatively close family and always make sure that we get quality time in but now that my sister and I are older and busier it is a lot more difficult to get the quality time in. So therefore, we have been enjoying spending quality time together and have made the most of it by playing games and sitting out in the garden all together before our busy lives resume. 

graphic by Anna Braunizer

How are you keeping connected with others? 

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been useful.

Georgia Vine
Twitter: @GeorgiaVineOT

Bio: Georgia is a UK-based Occupational Therapy Student and creator of Not so Terrible Palsy.

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