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Skipping into the kitchen each morning, finding the day, and opening the advent calendar window is one of my favourite Christmas time memories. In years past, my advent calendars have had whimsical drawings of winter or nativity scenes or chocolates, and one year, my Godmother made me an advent calendar with a variety of trinkets in 24 little stockings. 

This year I have made an “Affirmations and Actions” advent calendar for my housemates and I. This involved brainstorming affirmations and actions we can take in our communities, relationships, self-care, and growth. These are things that we value as a house and that have flexibility built in so that they can be useful for each of us. 

So if you’re seeking a meaningful alternative to your typical chocolate advent calendar, why not make an Affirmations and Actions calendar this year?

What do you need to make your own Affirmations and Actions advent calendar?

  • Scrapbook paper, scrap paper, printed paper, origami paper, or a range of card,
  • pens,
  • ideas in your head (or internet access to do research),
  • an empty picture frame,
  • string, and
  • paper clips.


  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Cut paper out into shapes, such as rectangles, squares, circles, and diamonds. These are your advent calendar cards.
  3. Research and brainstorm ideas for affirmations* and choose values, or areas of your lives, that you want your advent calendar to reflect or take action on. 
  4. Write out your chosen statements on the back of your advent calendar cards.
  5. Write the numbers for each day on the front of the advent calendar cards.
  6. Tie rows of string onto your picture frame.
  7. Use paper clips or safety pins to hang your advent calendar cards on the rows of string – organising them into a random order.
  8. And voila! You have your own home-made advent calendar!


  1. Draw or paint a picture on a card. Use an exacto-knife to cut out square doors to open each day. Mount it on another piece of cardstock. Write down affirmations or draw pictures in the space behind each of the doors.
  2. You can get a larger frame and add photos of some of your favourite memories 
  3. You can add quotes or sayings that motivate you or remind you that you are not alone.
  4. You could make your advent calendar activity-specific. Love art? Make an art prompt a day. Love to write? Make a writing prompt a day. Love to cook? Add pockets with recipes folded into them. Love to work out? Add an exercise a day. Love music? Pick a song to sing, listen to, or dance to each day.

*Affirmations are statements that remind you about the positive things about you and the possibilities within you

What will be on your advent calendar?

Author: Anna BraunizerTwitter: @ABraunizer

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