Physically Distant: Socially Connected - UK-based community outreach - people gathering resources and running errands for people in need - Share the Goods is a Canada-based matching service that connects people who could use help with groceries, to those who can provide that help. If you’ve undergone economic hardship recently due to the global pandemic, we’re here to help. 
CrossFit LoLo - "Adopt a Member" program (Victoria) - if you can't afford membership, apply here (if approved, you will anonymously get funds from the available pool); if you can and have excess money, consider donating to support fellow humans in accessing a great training program with skilled coaches, meeting people, and having fun with fitness
Access from Home - accessible businesses delivering services at home in your community
Doing in your Neck of the Woods: Build a Community Map - Blog post by Queeny Brown, OT, and Anna Braunizer, OT, about strategies you can use to support members of your local community who do not have internet access, including making a community map of resources
Year of the Neighbour 2020 - OT professor at the University of Arkansas began the semester with a project and her students have taken it into their own neighbourhoods while social distancing

Support & live Local

- UNC: Online Toolkit for Individuals with Autism during COVID-19 - These strategies are intended to be a menu or toolkit of ideas that may be helpful-- caregivers may take one idea at a time and find a way to make it work for their child(ren) with autism and their family.
- ICORD: Resources for people with spinal cord injuries during COVID-19 - People living with a spinal cord injury often have a harder time with breathing and lung function. This information sheet has been put together to help you know what to do during this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.
- Normal Life has been Disrupted - a guide from OT Australia on coping during the COVID-19 pandemic
- Resources for Catholics finding faith during the Pandemic
- Victoria Pride Society: COVID-19 Resource Guide - LGBTQ+-specific resources for community support, COVID-19 information, financial assistance and housing, older adults, disabled people, mental health, harm reduction, trans, two-spirit, and gender-diverse resources, support groups and services, online events, employment, homeschooling, sex work, sexual health, and working from home.
- Sex Work & COVID-19: Guidelines for sex workers, clients, third parties, and allies - Ontario-based resource guide with many materials that are relevant beyond the borders of Ontario and some Ontario-specific resource
- Resources for Catholics during COVID - Many Dioceses, parishes, and Catholics begin to feel the effects of remaining at home due to the coronavirus. Below is a list of websites for Mass, prayers, and daily reflections to help us all during this trying time.

Community Resource Guides

Get Down With The Lockdown - Facebook group building social connection
Simple Pleasures - A daily reminder of things to be grateful for - Facebook group
@TheStayingInn - pub quizzes, trivia, bingo, and more, with tips for enjoying your time while staying at home
Mothering Touch - online prenatal and parenting groups
Online AA meetings
COVID-19 Coming Together (Victoria/Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ Lands) - Victoria, BC-based community outreach
Brene Brown: 15-minute prayer and song - Sundays at 6 PM CST

Online Communities

Houseparty  - have  a party with your friends; games currently included in the phone app
Stay Home instagram feed - see what your friends are doing at home & get inspired. Rooms have a max capacity of 8 people. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to use Houseparty
Bumble - for the singles and polyamorous folks out there, you can now go on virtual dates through the Bumble App as you navigate online dating during COVID

Apps for Virtually Hanging out