Staying productive during COVID-19

Everyone has been impacted differently from COVID-19 and is experiencing change.  Change is never easy, but it is always possible to make the best out of a difficult situation.


As an Occupational Therapy Student, my schedule has been completely altered.  When the pandemic hit, I was in the midst of completing my Level II Fieldwork, the last step of my education before the national board of certification exam.  Since fieldwork has been postponed, I have been coming up with ways to make the most of my time and remain productive.  I have been using this time of uncertainty to help better my skills, improve upon existing occupations and learn new occupations.  

I wanted to share some goals and ideas to help other Occupational Therapy Students and professionals stay productive during this time.


  1. Stay healthy. Continuing to move our bodies and eat healthy and balanced will help to maintain your wellbeing and improve your mood.  This is a great time to explore online fitness programmes and videos or challenge yourself to a new sport or form of exercise such as yoga or daily walking. YouTube has a range of free online home workouts.
  2. Expand your knowledge.  I am using this time to take continuing education courses and review what I have learned in school.  Expanding knowledge in your field will help you be a better professional – especially at entry-level.  For Occupational Therapists, there are several free continuing education opportunities.  Check out CPD UK, Future Learn or free e-learning.
  3. Create a LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for networking with other professionals worldwide.  Create and update your LinkedIn account to highlight your skills, achievements and goals.  Connect with professionals in your field and learn about opportunities to increase your professional skills.
  4. Create a portfolio.  One of my graduate school assignments was to create a portfolio.  This assignment gave me the opportunity to reflect on my goals and achievements thus far.  A portfolio is a mechanism for keeping track of your professional achievements, what motivates you to do well in your field, and what you want to accomplish in your future.  For an example, check out my portfolio.
  5. Update your resume.  This is an opportunity to use any extra time to perfect your resume.  Update your resume with new skills and achievements.  Don’t forget to ask for feedback from others on your resume.  Think ahead – What will help you for your next interview? What are the gaps on my resume?

Of course to be productive, you need to balance this with rest and balance. Most of us think of rest as the absence of doing – not something valuable in its own right. Napping has even been proven to help us re-charge. How can we be our most creative and productive selves without rest?

Author: Elizabeth Rosa

Bio: I am an Occupational Therapy Student from NJ, USA.  I love helping others engage in activities that give them a purpose in life.

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