With COVID-19 overshadowing our every plan, it can become mentally exhausting trying to live a “normal” life, or at least life as it was pre-COVID. For me, my job went virtual and everything shut down in my area. I, like so many others, lost interactions with my peers and students and the ability to travel. […]

Accessibility is for everyone. The more we include the participation of everyone in our society, the more diverse and creative we get, the more we drive innovation and create better living standards for everyone.

wheelchair user going down redbrick hallway towards camera

Accessibility doesn’t have to be radical. It doesn’t have to be a far reach. It can be the norm.  We all have big things on our minds right now. These are uncertain times. Things continue to get more serious by the day. It feels weird to talk about anything other than the coronavirus pandemic right […]

image in woman on wheelchair in peach top and brown pants, going with friend in red dress in an urban area