What is meaningful to you? What do you miss from life before COVID-19 or what is “filling you up” in this time?  For a lot of us, we are missing time with family, friends, and co-workers. Each of us has a hobby, a passion, or some activity that “refills our cup.” For some it is […]

group of people in colourful costumes dancing. Costumes are bright pinks, oranges, and creams.

Occupational therapy is the therapy of doing. When people are injured, become sick, or when they are born with a disability, there can be gaps between what they are currently doing and what they want/need/dream to do. We use occupations that are important to the people that we work with as both goals and means so that clients can do what they need for their wellbeing.

Occupational therapist in pink shirt with OT on chest with client in blue shirt. There are speech bubbles that match their shirt colors and show that they are talking about the clients' goal of kayaking