Weekly Wellbeing Missions

Doing occupations that are meaningful for us is important for our overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life. In a time when there are more physical barriers to doing, particularly to doing occupations for social connection, we decided to make the occupation missions to challenge people to find ways to keep occupations in their lives. Each week, we will be posting a mission that is aimed to connect people with at least one dimension of experience that is important for their health and wellbeing (dolivewell.ca, 2020). The specific experiences that you get from doing an occupation are individual to each person, although you will probably notice some overlap between you and your friends and family.

The dimensions of experience that the Do Live Well Framework identifies as important for people's overall health & wellbeing, and that can be accessed through doing occupations are:
1) Activating your body, mind and senses
2) Connecting with others
3) Contributing to community and society
4) Taking care of yourself
5) Building security/prosperity
6) Developing and expressing identity
7) Developing capabilities and potential
8) Experiencing pleasure and joy

See www.dolivewell.ca for more information about these dimensions of experience and how doing occupations contributes to your overall health and wellbeing.

Mission 1: Phone a Friend

In this time, when many of us are missing seeing our friends everyday, let's create some social connection and phone a friend.