Yoga Activities for Kids

Things can feel a bit unstable right now and the current situation means many of us are finding ourselves at home juggling a multitude of expectations and roles including work, parenting, cleaning, cooking, teachings, and entertaining.

Yoga can be a great practice to incorporate into your self-care routine to help calm, balance and center our nervous system. It not only benefits adults but can be a great skill for kids to learn and develop as well. If you are looking for some inspiration for activities with your kids while staying at home, look no further. 

Below are three yoga inspired activities to play with you kids while at home. They require minimal materials and can be easily adapted to the things you have on hand.

Two of the activities require yoga cards which can be downloaded and printed from here: Yoga cards

Get creative, move your body and have some fun!

Freeze dance yoga

This activity is similar to freeze dance but with a twist


  • Yoga cards (download above) – print and cut out the cards,
  • Music (any music your kids can dance and move to-can be slow or fast or a combo of both).

How to play:

  • Spread the yoga cards out on the floor.
  •  Pick someone to be in charge of starting and stopping the music.
  • Start playing music and dance and move around the floor while the music plays.
  •  When the music stops you must find the closest yoga card and freeze in that shape until the music starts again.
  •  Continue until you are ready for a new game.
  • Feel free to switch up who is in charge of music.


Yoga obstacle course



  • Yoga cards (download above)-print and cut out the cards,
  • Masking tape,
  • Pillows,
  • Yoga blocks (optional),

  • Ping pong balls (optional),
  • Bells (optional)

  • Other items found around your house.


How to play

  •  Set up an obstacle course focusing on building yoga skills (breath, mindfulness, body awareness, movement, balance, and poses)
  •  Ideas for your obstacle course might include:
    • Create a line on the floor with masking tape (or a rope). Have our kids walk along the line with a bell in their hand. The goal is to follow the line without the bell making any sound. 
    • Create a starting line and a finish line. Place a ping pong ball (or light ball) at one and have your kids use their breath to blow the ball across the finish line.
    • Choose a few yoga cards and place them along the obstacle course. When you reach the cards, your kids must make the yoga pose illustrated on the card.
    • Place 3-5 yoga blocks (or pillows) a short distance apart and have your kids step from one to the next working on maintaining their balance as they go.
    • Place the frog yoga card on the floor and create a start line and a finish line. Have your kids frog jump from one end to the other.
    • Finish the obstacle course with the Savasana yoga card. Lie on your back and take deep breaths into your belly.
  •   Repeat the obstacle course as many times as you like.

Yoga Twister


  • None needed.


How to Play


Get your family together and play a game of yoga twister.

  • One person is designated to call out the directions while the others make a shape.
  • Ensure to call out a body part and a colour
    •  For example: “left hand purple”.
  • Using their body and the objects around them in the room, your kid will create a shape or a “yoga pose”.
  • For the next round they must keep the first shape they are in and add in the nest direction
    • For example, if their right hand is on a purple toy on the floor, they would keep it there and add in the next instruction (“left foot red”).
    • Their right hand would remain on the purple toy and their left foot might move to touch the red couch.
  • Keep playing until you are ready for a new game or everyone has lost their balance.

Helpful tip: If your kids don’t yet know their left and right you could draw an “R” and “L” or each hand or place a different sticker on each hand and instead of calling our left and right you could call out the image on the sticker.

Author: Gaby Emmett

Instagram: honeycomb.sea

Bio: Gaby is based in Canada and has a background in Child and Youth Care. She is also a yoga teacher, a doula and a member of the Beyond Covid Leadership team.


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